Aging with Grace and Confidence

I think for many of us we look at aging as a negative thing. The fact is we are all aging every day. You can choose to navigate the changes in a positive way. Some may say “seriously how are mood swings, hot flashes, crepey skin, scars and body changes a positive?” You can render the benefits of getting older and getting better! I decided to get better and not bitter. I have found myself in a slump and have struggled with energy, enthusiasm and finding my normal joyous self. Many of us go through so many changes emotionally, physically, and mentally. Our career paths may change, our children leave the nest, we experience loss of parents, friendships, and don’t forget hormones. Yes, those hormones like to wreck havoc on even the best intentions. I never will forget the time I was in the middle of teaching a spin class and motivating the class to do their best, work hard and inside I was dying. I was thinking I just want to run away, cry for no apparent reason. I was struggling and couldn’t figure out why. I knew on one level this was weird and I wasn’t thinking normal, then I had a checkup and found I was smack in the middle of menopause. Early menopause at that. Age 39, my body started to revolt. I was determined to not let menopause get the best of me.

First of all lets just keep it real. We need to acknowledge what is going on in this stage of life. Second, we can honor our feelings in a productive way. We can take care of ourselves to optimize our health and wellbeing. You can learn to reconnect with your body and focus on what you can control and not on what you can’t control. You can control what goes in your pie hole, lol. You can take charge of your fitness. I think many times we believe its just a stage of life and let it consume us, give up and throw in the towel way too soon. Instead of letting this phase of life bring you down, use this time to set new goals and intentions. Get clear about what you want the next chapter of your life to look like. Redefine your purpose. Many of us go through changes, kids grow up and certain activities no longer seem to work or fulfill us.

Where will you put your energy? What experiences and events fill your cup and make you feel joyous and alive. Finding clarity for this phase of your life will bring you more contentment moving forward. Friendships can be so important. I know for me some of my friendships changed. What brought us together changed. As our kids moved into new directions so did my friendships. It left a void. I had to make the effort to find new connections, friendships and nurture the friendships I kept. Investing in relationships can bring a fresh perspective, support, laughter and encouragement as you move forward. This is one of the reasons I created a healthy living community called Team Live Fit.

Team Live Fit is an amazing community of women that want to live their best life. They want to navigate their health in a positive way. We support each other in fitness, nutrition, and a positive growth mindset. For some its such a positive outlet they inspire others to come along for the journey.

Getting older is a gift, honor your gift by taking care of your body, nourish your soul and remember you are worth taking care of. You get to decide your worth, it isn’t determined by appearance, age, productivity, or your past or your wins. Many times we have measured our worth by external factors like relationships, careers, productivity. I believe you find peace when your self worth comes from within.

We can stand tall, be proud of our journey and wear our scars and experiences with pride. We can banish negative self talk and let things go that don’t serve us well. We are whole and perfect just as we are. To become your best it takes letting go of who you were. We can age with grace and confidence and accept ourselves in a beautiful and loving way. Age doesn’t define you, it allows your true beauty to shine.


Love Letters

The past few months have been a roller coaster of emotions. Having to move my mom after she was robbed in her home, packing up 60 years of living, prepping for an estate sale and selling my childhood home is not for the light hearted. I will say if you look for it, there are blessings in every situation. Even though it has been difficult I have found treasures along the way. After going through my parents belongings with a fine tooth comb I got a glimpse inside their life in a new way. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have my mom to ask about the family pictures and memorabilia. Just the other day I stumbled upon a parcel of old letters. I opened one to see if it was trash or something to keep. As I read the love letter from my Dad to my Mom, tears streamed down my face. I opened another one from my Mom to my Dad and couldn’t put them down. They made me laugh, cry, and in that moment I could feel The love between two people that lasts an eternity.  

Take time to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you. Tell someone how much you appreciate them. Reach out to a friend and tell them how grateful you are for being in your life.  

Somewhere in the rush of daily life pause and give thanks. When we appreciate goodness in our lives we can look forward to the future with more optimism. 

May God richly bless you and your family ❤️🙏




You are Made for More

You were made to be more today by being more kind to yourself, giving yourself water first and veggies most! How do we continue to be made for more? It starts with believing you are capable of great things. It starts with not worrying about what others think. Our potential is our gift from God. What we do with our potential is the gift we give back to the world and God. The worse thing is to let your potential die inside of you. Living your best life isn’t determined by the numbers on some scale. Weight loss isn't a temporary thing, it is a lifestyle change. Its a long term plan to understand food, your body and your relationship with that. You were made to be more today than yesterday. You were made to be more by changing the way you think about yourself and the way you practice self care. That includes the way you fuel you body, move your body and take care of your mindset. You were made for more by giving your body more rest, slow down from mindless eating and multi-tasking. You were made for more everyday. Today think about the past month and the things you have changed, worked on, moved forward on. Focus on just a single step in the direction of your more. Reach for the version of more that will change your life, your family and your community. Encourage others to do the same.

If you ever wanted a healthy community of support, accountability and inspiration then I have the place for you❤️ when we reach down and lift others up and invite them to join us on an amazing journey that is where growth happens. I invite you to be a part of Team Live Fit and start living your best life today! You get to choose you, your health, your self care and wellbeing on Team Live Fit. Start with being a coach of self. This is where you can rock your nutrition and fitness, and surround yourself with positive like minded people. Have unlimited access to online coaching groups for accountability and support. Find joy and purpose in daily life by being the best version of you. Enjoy learning new things to help you pursue a healthy lifestyle. Hang out with amazing women that lift you up. You have opportunity to travel, attend workshops, leadership events and retreats. You can meet up virtually in our virtual wellness studio, workout, hang out, enjoy a book club and share best practices with each other.

You were Made for More every day. Love yourself enough to take care of you and live the life you deserve! I can’t wait to have you join us on Team Live Fit!

"Love Yourself because you're braver than you think, smarter than you know, twice as beautiful as you've ever imagined and getting stronger every day"


You Are Good Enough

I have lived most of my life trying to prove I am good enough. Recently I had a friend ask me “why are you so driven? Most people at your stage in life are moving on.” I had to stop and think. I had to take time to really reflect and see if my answer was coming from my most authentic self.

To be totally honest I have been driven for lots of reasons. I want to do good in the world. I want to help change lives, make a difference, make an impact, leave a mark. While these are all great and sound important I had to turn over the one stone I didn’t want to uncover. That was the realization that somewhere in my soul, I still struggled with feeling good enough. Self acceptance is vital to creating a happier life and finding content. It is one of the most difficult practices to establish.

I have been on a journey to be better but let perfection creep in and steal the joy. Acceptance allows us to move closer to our dreams and goals without losing the belief I am enough. I think we can find comfort in knowing that “I am enough” and there is still work I want to do.

Sometimes we get so caught up chasing the extraordinary we forget to find gratitude in the ordinary. We lose finding joy in everyday living. One of the practices that helped me find my joy and get back to living a more positive life was the practice of gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal allowed me to have a more optimistic outlook and see more clearly what is positive in my life.

Digging deeper I found my inner critic is still taking a hold on my perfectionistic tendencies. I have to remind myself that I can change that voice and re tell the story of truth. As a child growing up in a competitive gymnastics arena I was surrounded by comparison, perfection and nothing was good enough. How I looked at myself in the mirror, to performing endless routines perfectly and making weigh in was at the top of the list achieving good enough. It seemed no matter what I did it just wasn’t quite enough to please my coach or find acceptance. Now, that is on him and not on me. I did my best and that was good enough. It has taken me a while to retrain my brain, rewire my thoughts and tame my inner critic. So I have to ask myself am I pursuing this goal for self-acceptance and others approval or using my inner strengths and gifts to do good in the world. It is a balancing act. We can keep moving forward, honor our strengths, work on ourselves and pursue our dreams and goals.

Go ahead and make peace with yourself, let go of your negative self talk, and promise yourself to be you-your true authentic self and not what you think the world wants you to be. We don’t have to be perfect we can just be on a journey to be better and love ourselves along the way. Allow yourself room for grace, growth and gratitude. Let it flow freely and you will find you are good enough right now.


Made for More Transformation!

Transformation Tuesday! Meet my awesome friend Stacey! I know you will find her story inspiring! Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can ever do! You were Made for More!

I am writing this with hopes that it can help someone else. My name is Stacey. I am a 47-year-old mom of two teenage girls from Houston, Texas. At the end of 2017 I found myself 35 lbs overweight, tired, and disgusted with how I looked and felt. I occasionally walked my dogs, but other than that did not exercise, and my diet was terrible. I had held a gym membership for years and had hardly used it. I didn’t feel like myself at all but didn’t know how to change things. 
Then a God thing happened. Around Christmas time I saw a viral tweet by a sweet adult son about his parents. I saw his mom Libby making snow angels in her living room and I started following her on Instagram. I thought, wow this woman is 10 years older than me and she’s so strong and fit. Her message spoke to me when she said that God has a purpose for all of us and getting healthy is about being the best person you can be so that you can carry out His plan for you. You can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself first. 
I had never been athletic, and at this point, had never heard of Beachbody. I had never reached out to anyone for help like this, let alone a total stranger, but I DM’d Libby and the next thing I knew I was on the phone with her making a plan. She was so easy to talk to; so positive and inspiring! My oldest daughter was about to graduate from high school, so in January I set a goal of losing 35 lbs by her graduation in May. Libby was confident I could do it!
I joined Beachbody on Demand with Libby as my coach, added Shakeology as a great dose of dense nutrition and started with one of Libby's online coaching groups.   I like the variety of workouts available and that I can do them in my home. They were challenging, but I told myself, “I can do anything for 30 minutes a day. Just be consistent and stick with it.” I followed the container system, which made me aware of how much I had been eating and I lost 14 lbs in the first month. My 15-year old daughter started joining me in the workouts. We did 21 Day Fix twice more and as Autumn says, “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.” We started 21-Day Extreme for more of a challenge and loved it! I was amazed at the changes in my body and the things it could do! I even started running 2-3 miles at a time. Before I started I couldn’t have run to the corner!
By May I had reached my goal and I’ve been continuing alternating workouts and running to maintain my weight. I’m thinking of starting 80 Day Obsession next month when my daughter leaves for college to really challenge myself (and work through the tough emotions). 
I picked up a 35 lb bag of dog food at the pet store the other day and realized that is how much extra weight I used to carry around every day! No wonder I didn’t feel good!
I’m so grateful to God for putting Libby in my life and setting me on a path to be the best I can be to live out His purpose for me. I’m loving the smaller clothes, but more than that I love feeling stronger, having a clear mind and more energy! Stick with it. If you have a bad day, don’t get down and don’t give up. Just go right back to the plan. It works!


PicMonkey Image-77.jpg

Healing from the Heart

Healing from the heart

I am not a writer.   I don’t use a lot of fancy words and poetic prose but my thoughts and words are genuine and come from my heart.  I share them in the hopes you will be brave and share too. Everyone has an important story the world needs to hear.  It is scary to let yourself be vulnerable but sharing can also be very healing.  I decided to be brave with my life in the hopes that others can be brave with theirs. 

Have your ever wondered if you are the only one?  The only person who struggles with self-doubt and self-worth? I decided to stop trying to be perfect and start working on becoming the best version of myself.  Instead of striving for perfection I strive for progress every day.    I am truly a happy person. I love life.  I am very blessed.   I have spent most of my life striving for perfection.  Along the way I had experiences that affected my thought process and ultimately planted seeds of self-doubt, body hatred and an internal struggle with self-limiting beliefs. I have been on a journey of self discovery to find out why I feel that way and change my story.  I decided to re- write the story and tell myself the truth.  What lies do you tell yourself? 

Did you know the longest journey of any person is the journey inward?  I decided to take a trip.  A really long trip to becoming the person I was meant to be.  That means I have to work on me. I have to be willing to get uncomfortable.   I have to lean into the pain to bring out the joy.  I do feel God is with me on this journey and is guiding me along the way.  I decided I was worth it.  I was worth taking care of, investing in myself enough to live my best life.  My wish for you is you will do the same.  Invest in yourself so your life is filled with joy, love, and amazing things!

God steps into the darkest parts of our lives, offering rescue and hope. This is a promise He will fulfill ultimately in Jesus.   God has brought me here and I hope you will find some comfort and peace in my story.

I will bring short stories of humor, sadness, joy and pain.  I now laugh at myself and some things that brought so much pain.  I have grown.  I really think that is what God wants. He wants us to trust him, lean on him and grow through the challenges we face.  I am inspired every day by friends, family and people I meet.  You should never compare your journey with another.  Own your own story and be willing to allow it to shape who you become. You have a choice. You can let it lead you down a positive path or negative road.  You get to choose. 

Stay tuned for the bits and pieces. I would love to hear your feedback, I think. Lol, seriously, we are all in this thing called life together.  We can be stronger together! 






Soul Food

I love a big pot of homemade soup to fuel my soul and nourish my body.  The best part is you can't mess it up.  Making soup is easy, delicious and always delivers more than nutrients to your body.  Soup can be your soul food and help you feel vibrant and full of energy! 

I will share one of my favorite recipes with you, my chicken vegetable soup.  Now if you want to get the full affect and benefits of this soup follow my instructions.  

First, put some music on you find relaxing and connect with.  This starts the whole process off just right.

I like to bake my own chicken in organic broth, onion and a little salt and pepper.  While that is cooking I prep my veggies for the soup.  I slice carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, and broccoli.  I use organic chicken broth, organic diced tomatoes and dump that in a big pot. I add my vegetables and use a little salt and pepper.  After the chicken is done I shred the chicken and add it into the soup.  You can always add a little rice, quinoa, or pasta if you want.  Most of the time I just like the veggies and chicken.  Let this simmer on the stove until the veggies are tender. 

While the soup is simmering this gives you the perfect time to fuel your mind before you fuel your body.  Take time to meditate, stretch, do a yoga flow, take a walk outside, connect to your breath.  Deep breathing is relaxing and calms the mind.  Listen to something positive or write in your journal.  Just take a little time to do something you love, slow down and feel what your body really needs.

Enjoy your soup down to the very last drop. Be thankful you are taking care of you. As you fill your stomach, fill your heart with gratitude, you are amazing and deserve to feel good. You are what you eat and eating healthy is about listening to what your body needs, loving your body and practicing self care.  Making soup is one of my self care rituals that fills me up. 

You will find soul food just the right fix for reducing stress, improving your mindset and fueling your body well.  This week make yourself a big pot of soup and share it with a friend that needs a little love. 




Sunday Funday Meal Prep

Want to get a jump on your week and have some healthy meals or snacks at your disposal?    I love to use Sunday afternoon to prep for a successful week.  What if you had a yummy snack box in your fridge ready to grab and go?  Check out these easy, no brainer ideas for a healthy week! 

This makes my life easier and keeps my waistline healthier.  These options can be used for a quick meal or healthy snack option.  I just stock up on some containers at the grocery that are stackable, dishwasher safe and reusable.  These snack boxes are loaded with protein, fiber, and tasty ingredients to keep you from getting hangry! So the next time you want to grab the chips, cookies or drive through fast food, grab your own healthy version snack box and feel fabulous!

A few of my favorites are the Protein/Veggie box, That's a Wrap Box, Little Sweet Treat, and Tex-Mex box!  I always keep hard boiled eggs on hand for a quick protein snack. Add a little deli turkey(nitrate free),  and your favorite veggies like celery and carrot sticks and a TBSP. of peanut butter for dipping and you are set.  That's a wrap box is fun and so easy to make. Use a healthy tortilla like the Ezekiel sprouted grain or if you need a gluten free option that is ok too. I used 4 oz. of lean roast beef, 1/4 cup of goat cheese, 1/2 cup spinach and rolled up in a 6 in tortilla.  Slice it into pinwheels, add a few cherry tomatoes, kiwi, or small tangerine, delicious.  

The Tex Mex is fun.  I made homemade tortilla chips by using 2 corn tortillas, cutting them in triangles, spray with a little cooking spray and sea salt bake at 375 for 15 min or until crisp.  Add a 1/4 cup of guacamole, 1/4 cup pico de gallo, 3/4 cup of bell pepper strips, 1/2 cup cubed pineapple.  

If you want a little sweet treat then try this one!  1 cup raspberries (or blueberries), 4 plain Graham crackers (1 sheet), 1 Tbsp. cacao nibs mixed, (it's easy to use cacao nibs when your daughter owns a chocolate factory, ( with 2 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut flakes.  
You can make up your own version, just stick to healthy ingredients and include a little protein, veggies, or fruit for a nice combination to energize your day and satisfy your hunger! 

Happy & Healthy Eating!




Twas the night before Christmas and little did we know, on Christmas morning our lives would become an incredible social media show! lol

It all started with some innocent joking around the Christmas tree, snapping pics and enjoying family fun!  My husband, Steve, said you could do snow angels on the white carpet!  I said yes, thats great, let's do it!  Well, Steve and my son Taylor moved the furniture so I could spread out on the white rug and give it my best snow angel ever.  

As Steve was taking my picture, Taylor was videoing Steve, it was hilarious!  Steve was reluctantly taking pictures and making funny faces. I think he had all the fun he could stand, lol.  Steve is the man, and I am so thankful he is my man!  He has always supported me in everything I do, even crazy pictures for Instagram posts!

Taylor took some of the  pics and tweeted them that night.  I went to bed and really didn't think much about it. Christmas morning arrived and Taylor woke me up with Mom check your Instagram, my tweet is going viral!  I was like what?  So overnight my instagram followers grew like crazy first to 6,000, then 10,000 and now over 15,000! It has been a crazy fun ride to watch this happen. The funniest part is seeing Steve's face as top story on twitter, right next to the Kardashians! Then all the news covered it, along with tons of digital outlets.  It just keeps going! 

I have never seen anything like it or never expected anything like this to happen ever!  One thing that is really fun is reading the comments.  Everyone is so nice and complimentary!  It really lifts your spirits and gives us all hope that love can be shared around the world!

I think there is a lesson in all this for all of us.  Be YOURSELF.  Be authentic and enjoy the time you have with your family, friends and most of all love. Love those around you and share that love around the world!  Steve loves me unconditionally, regardless of my crazy silly faces, social media posts or goofy ideas.  So let's love more in 2018.  Be open to receiving love for it is yours to have.

Go ahead and make your own snow angel and bring the love! I appreciate you!  Happy New Year!

All my love,


Fruitful Frustration

I woke up this morning feeling good, did my usual thing of emptying the dishwasher, preparing breakfast. Sat down to eat and do my daily devotional, check schedule for the day and BAM! Seriously how does your back go out while you are sitting doing nothing. It started with a muscle spasm and worked its way to full blown back attack.  I have been battling a torn disc and recovering well.  This is what I call frustrating. Down right irritating. Writing this from my bed, flat on my back.  I was going to go coach my TRX class.  I had plans today.  

Do you have plans and they get derailed?  Do you have frustrations or set backs?  Just when you thought things were going your way you are hit with a curveball.  Life is full of them.  Yes, I would like to throw something, like a real hissy fit.  How do you handle your frustrations? 

Frustrations can allow an opportunity to let God work through us.  We can allow God to shape us, mold us, mature us or guide us through our struggles.  I am choosing to grow through the pain, work on my mindset, and let God lead me where I need to go.  I am choosing to meet my frustrations with a positive expectation.  Look for the silver lining and deepen my faith.

Take your setbacks and grow.

 Dig in a little deeper and come out stronger than before.

There lies your potential. 

Trust in the Lord and he will see you through.




Life is Short Eat Dessert

Chocolate Mug Cake.  Just the thought of it makes my taste buds go a little cra cra! I was having one of those days, maybe a bit of a pity party.  It was raining outside, I am home recovering from a back injury.  I keep thinking and acting like I am still 25.  I need to quit the flips and craziness and act my age. LOL, Never. 

Well, ok maybe I will skip those extra classes, do more low-impact,  after all I am almost 57 and really don't feel my age except when my back HOLLER's "HOLD ON WOMAN," You ain't doing that no more, no more....

Funny how mother nature really let's you know you have had enough.  You see I come from the old school of training.  It was drilled into my young brain that you never quit, you never give up, you keep pushing.  Well that can be good and that can be bad.  Fast Forward 34 years of teaching group exercise, millions of classes, thousands of flips and inverted positions and all of a sudden your body wants to put the brakes on.  A couple of MRI's later you learn you are not as young as you think you are.  Spinal Stenosis, herniation, arthritis, and blah, blah, blah.  You know I am not a fan of Arthur. Never really did care for him and his inflexible attitude.  

So, it was the perfect storm and bam I am flat on my back.  Well, thank goodness the good doctor helped me out, and I can sit and stand.  What am I going to do, I can't teach, or train today?   So I love to cook dessert and it got me to thinking, chocolate. It has healing properties, I need my antioxidants and surely it will help with the inflammation.  I peered into my cupboard and what did I find but a box of brownie mix with all the wrong ingredients, processed hogwash and thought to myself. ( I have no idea how it got there),  I already feel bad enough so make a healthy alternative.  

My friend shared a fun recipe with me and I thought I would give it a go.  If you can make dessert in 3 minutes with 5 ingredients or less that's a keeper!   So giving myself permission to indulge, after all it is my pity party. You can cry if you want to.  Better yet come on over and have dessert instead!

So I made this not that.  I choose me over my pity party. Sometimes you have the answer right in front of you.  Choose You.  Choose your health, enjoy dessert and make it a fun party in your mouth.  We are all worth taking care of.  Remember that.  Say it every day.  I don't always choose this, sometimes I choose that.  When I do I don't beat myself up.  Life is Short.  But when you have a choice, Choose You, Choose your health, You are worth it! 

Try this amazing recipe.  Don't have any Shakeology?  I would love to share some with you. It is whole foods, amazing nutrition, and makes a great dessert when you need one.  Check out my website to get yours or send me a message and I can share.

1 packet Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
3 TBSP water
1 Egg
1/4 tsp. baking soda
Mix all together and pour in a microwavable mug. Top with 1 Tsp. Peanut butter and microwave for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Came out perfect and delicious!

Celebrate You!

If we could all be our authentic self, lose self-doubt, embrace our gifts and talents and shine brightly for all to see, the world would be a better place.  I believe you can. I believe you can stop being who you think you should be and start being who you truly are.  

It starts with Self-Love.  

Stop the comparison game, start lifting others up, and focus on your best self.  Strive to be 1% better each and every day.  Women need to empower one another.  With random acts of kindness, positive words and a simple smile or genuine compliment you can impact a life.  

Find purpose in your experiences, in your pain, and share your story.  We all have a story worth telling.  Be your authentic self, you have so much to offer.  Celebrate you!  Celebrate each and every day you have, live your life with passion and pay it forward.

I am toasting you today and every day!  Join me and let's celebrate each other and what we can contribute to the world.  For you lady entrepreneurs check out the Girl Code.  My team just read it together and it was uplifting and inspirational.  When you finish reading it message me.  Let's talk and celebrate what's right in the world!



Get your Healthy Mexican Fix

Chicken and Black Bean Burrito Salad in a Mason Jar

Here is another fun Salad in a Jar Recipe! I plan on making it this week for us to enjoy. 

This Mason jar salad has all of the delicious ingredients you would want in a burrito, and like a burrito, it comes in it's own perfectly portable package.

Serves: 4 servings


  • ½ cup fresh lime juice
  • 2 Tbsp. + ½ cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro, divided use
  • 1 clove garlic, coarsely chopped
  • 1 medium jalapeno, seeds and veins removed, coarsely chopped
  • 1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 cups canned black beans
  • 4 oz. shredded cooked chicken breast
  • 1 cup chopped jicama
  • ½ cup thinly sliced radishes
  • 1 cup thinly sliced red onion
  • 1 cup halved cherry tomatoes
  • ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 8 cups chopped romaine lettuce



  1. Place lime juice, 2 Tbsp. cilantro, garlic, and jalapeno in a blender; cover. Blend until smooth.
  2. Slowly add oil, blending continuously, until well mixed. Evenly divide dressing between 4 one-quart Mason jars. Set aside.
  3. Evenly layer beans, chicken, jicama, radishes, onion, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and remaining ½ cup cilantro on top of dressing in jars.
  4. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Shake before serving.


Love Your Body

 Make today your day, be thankful for your body! It is the only place you have to live. I found this writing in my notes and wanted to share it with you. Sometimes we take our bodies for granted and need to remind ourselves how amazing our bodies are and to honor them by taking care of them every day.

Thank you, God, for this body.

For the things it can feel, the things it can sense, the wondrous things it can do.

For its bright vigor at the day's beginning; for the hard, sweet satisfaction of it walking, working, playing. For its very weariness at the days end, and the dear comfort of it sleeping. Sometimes for even its pain...if only to sting me into some new awareness of my own existence upon this earth.

I look upon it sometimes in reverent amazement....for we are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. All of its secret silent machinery meshing and churning. All of its muscles coordinating. The whole of it so neatly functioning.

Lord, don't let me hurt it, scar or split it, overindulge it or overdrive it; but...don't let me coddle it either. Let me love my body enough to keep it agile and able and well, strong and clean.

Thank you that I live within this body.....the real, eternal, forever existing me. That it has been made to serve me so happily, so well, so long. And, until the day comes when I have no further need of it, let me appreciate it to the fullest and be grateful for it...MY BODY

Adversity is your Advantage

I think the struggles we all go through can change our life for the better.  We have a choice to take adversity and turn it into advantage.  Sometimes we just need to flip our mindset.  Problems can be solutions and your struggles can turn into growth.   We just want a quick fix. An instant solution to our weight gain,  a pint of Ben and Jerry's to numb our pain.  Instead we should lean into the uncomfortable and feel the emotions and grow from them.  

Instead of looking for a quick fix,  true success is earned one step at a time.  Being a little stubborn I had to learn through the school of hard knocks.   By sharing my lessons it might save you some bumps and bruises.  The best part is being able to look back and laugh at yourself. Learn to be vunerable, learn to love yourself and give yourself grace.  These lessons my friends are called Life.  

So here I was a junior in  college and  the doctor announced how overweight I was.  He literally asked me, "What happened to you?"  I felt crushed.  Feelings of inadequacy, failure, and shame begin to take hold of me.  I am FAT. How did I get this way?  After quitting gymnastics I thought I was home free from weigh- ins, judgement and constant worry was I enough, was I thin enough? After leaving the doctor's office I was devasted. I had no idea how to fix my weight issue.  All I knew before was training for competition not training for life.  My nutrition plan wasn't spot on either.    I think the late night honey buns, strawberry daiquiri's, donuts in the cafeteria and those orange cheeto's were a problem.  

I started searching for answers and some were in the wrong places.  Like the time I bought that rubber suit you work out in and sweat to death or the all you can eat diet, the low-fat diet, the starve yourself diet, the binge eating diet, the workout for hours plan followed by a hot fudge sundae.  I laugh at the time my friend and I drove through McDonalds for fries.  After we scarfed them we were too embarrassed to drive through again so we hit another McDonalds.  We didn't want to be recognized.  I was searching in all the wrong places for help.  There had to be a balance, a way to feel good, eat right and live inspired.  

Adversity is your Advantage!  If I had not gone through my own struggles with weight, self esteem, self-worth I would not be able to help the many women I work with today.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story....





Open your heart to Gratitude and Change

Opening up your heart to daily gratitude instead of saving it for special holidays can bring joy and happiness every day.  Gratitude is good for the soul.  I start my day by turning on my GPS daily.  When my alarm goes off I hit snooze, not just to sleep more but to start my day. I take the next 7 minutes to practice Gratitude, have Prayer, and Set my Intention for the day.

It is a fun morning ritual I give to myself.  It is amazing how just little things like this can make you feel good, start your day on the right foot and live your best life.  Maybe, just maybe you should try it for a week and see how you feel!  If you really want to live your best life more than likely you will have to change what you are doing.  

Oops, there is that word, CHANGE!   I am not talking loose change either.  Does change scare you?   You mean, let go of my daily habits that keep me stuck in a rut and comfortable?  Yes, those habits that keep you from being your best self and living the life you deserve!

Change can cause anxiety, stress, fear or you can be an agent of change and create freedom for yourself. Freedom from stress, fear and anxiety.  Its your choice. I choose change.  That doesn't mean I don't resist it at times.  But being uncomfortable, being scared to change can keep you stuck or it can be the best decision you can make.  Change is a process to overcome and  grow into your best self.  So I decided to change.  I decided to work on myself. That journey of a lifetime began when I decided to change for the better.  I decided to take care of my health.  I made a promise to never be unhealthy, overweight and out of shape again.  I choose gratitude and change every day.  How about you? 

Journey of a Lifetime

I think I spent more time upside down than right side up as a kid.  My mom bought me a trampoline after I got a concussion from jumping on my bed and hitting my head.  The neighbors called the fire department when I climb the street light pole, only to slide down with no worries.  Maybe it was the time I jumped off the neighbors roof thinking I could fly that lead me to pursue gymnastics. Anyway, mom enrolled me in dance and gymnastics to channel my energy in a more positive way. Lol.

I feel in love with gymnastics, dance, and physical activity.  It was movement for my soul. It allowed me to express myself in a unique way and helped define who I am today.  I spent my childhood, teen years and part of college training.  Training for the Olympics I thought, when in fact it was training for life.  I have so many incredible memories from gymnastics and then I have some struggles the sport left me with. 

One of those was a poor body image and that feeling that I was never enough.   You may wonder how you go from being a super fit athlete to out of shape, and overweight and lack self confidence.   It happens.  Just like many of us life takes over and we forget to take care of ourselves, fuel our bodies well and we just wake up in a body we don't recognize. 

I woke up one day and decided I was sick and tired of struggling with my weight, body image and being out of shape.  Exhausted from worrying about what other people thought about my looks or my weight or letting the numbers on the scale determine my self worth, I decided to change. 

I never wanted to feel that way again.  My journey began...

Gymnastics 1979 age 19 I have very few pictures of my years in gymnastics.  Back then there just wasn't the availability for photo's like today.  

Gymnastics 1979 age 19 I have very few pictures of my years in gymnastics.  Back then there just wasn't the availability for photo's like today.  

What I know for sure

What I know for sure is less is More.  The less we focus on what we have and focus on who we are the more fulfilling our lives will be.   It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and strive to fill our life full of material things, numb our emotions with food, and avoid getting uncomfortable and dealing with our inner being.  I challenge you to join me on a journey of growth, joy and personal development. As I share stories from my life I hope to inspire you to live your best life, let go of things that don't really matter and find your best self. 

We all need a really great sense of humor to enjoy this journey we call life.  Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself, and see the lessons your experiences can bring.  I try to at least make some crazy faces in the mirror daily. If you know me I am sure you've seen a few of them!  Laughter really is the best medicine, so next time you need a good laugh watch a rerun of your favorite comedy show, a skit from SNL, or call a friend that always makes you smile and enjoy a great big belly laugh! One of my favorite quotes is from Milton Berle- "Laughter is an instant vacation"

 Don't take yourself too seriously, and have an awesome day!  



Let's just say some days are better than others! Live your best life every day!

Let's just say some days are better than others! Live your best life every day!