Fruitful Frustration

I woke up this morning feeling good, did my usual thing of emptying the dishwasher, preparing breakfast. Sat down to eat and do my daily devotional, check schedule for the day and BAM! Seriously how does your back go out while you are sitting doing nothing. It started with a muscle spasm and worked its way to full blown back attack.  I have been battling a torn disc and recovering well.  This is what I call frustrating. Down right irritating. Writing this from my bed, flat on my back.  I was going to go coach my TRX class.  I had plans today.  

Do you have plans and they get derailed?  Do you have frustrations or set backs?  Just when you thought things were going your way you are hit with a curveball.  Life is full of them.  Yes, I would like to throw something, like a real hissy fit.  How do you handle your frustrations? 

Frustrations can allow an opportunity to let God work through us.  We can allow God to shape us, mold us, mature us or guide us through our struggles.  I am choosing to grow through the pain, work on my mindset, and let God lead me where I need to go.  I am choosing to meet my frustrations with a positive expectation.  Look for the silver lining and deepen my faith.

Take your setbacks and grow.

 Dig in a little deeper and come out stronger than before.

There lies your potential. 

Trust in the Lord and he will see you through.