Twas the night before Christmas and little did we know, on Christmas morning our lives would become an incredible social media show! lol

It all started with some innocent joking around the Christmas tree, snapping pics and enjoying family fun!  My husband, Steve, said you could do snow angels on the white carpet!  I said yes, thats great, let's do it!  Well, Steve and my son Taylor moved the furniture so I could spread out on the white rug and give it my best snow angel ever.  

As Steve was taking my picture, Taylor was videoing Steve, it was hilarious!  Steve was reluctantly taking pictures and making funny faces. I think he had all the fun he could stand, lol.  Steve is the man, and I am so thankful he is my man!  He has always supported me in everything I do, even crazy pictures for Instagram posts!

Taylor took some of the  pics and tweeted them that night.  I went to bed and really didn't think much about it. Christmas morning arrived and Taylor woke me up with Mom check your Instagram, my tweet is going viral!  I was like what?  So overnight my instagram followers grew like crazy first to 6,000, then 10,000 and now over 15,000! It has been a crazy fun ride to watch this happen. The funniest part is seeing Steve's face as top story on twitter, right next to the Kardashians! Then all the news covered it, along with tons of digital outlets.  It just keeps going! 

I have never seen anything like it or never expected anything like this to happen ever!  One thing that is really fun is reading the comments.  Everyone is so nice and complimentary!  It really lifts your spirits and gives us all hope that love can be shared around the world!

I think there is a lesson in all this for all of us.  Be YOURSELF.  Be authentic and enjoy the time you have with your family, friends and most of all love. Love those around you and share that love around the world!  Steve loves me unconditionally, regardless of my crazy silly faces, social media posts or goofy ideas.  So let's love more in 2018.  Be open to receiving love for it is yours to have.

Go ahead and make your own snow angel and bring the love! I appreciate you!  Happy New Year!

All my love,