Love Your Body

 Make today your day, be thankful for your body! It is the only place you have to live. I found this writing in my notes and wanted to share it with you. Sometimes we take our bodies for granted and need to remind ourselves how amazing our bodies are and to honor them by taking care of them every day.

Thank you, God, for this body.

For the things it can feel, the things it can sense, the wondrous things it can do.

For its bright vigor at the day's beginning; for the hard, sweet satisfaction of it walking, working, playing. For its very weariness at the days end, and the dear comfort of it sleeping. Sometimes for even its pain...if only to sting me into some new awareness of my own existence upon this earth.

I look upon it sometimes in reverent amazement....for we are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. All of its secret silent machinery meshing and churning. All of its muscles coordinating. The whole of it so neatly functioning.

Lord, don't let me hurt it, scar or split it, overindulge it or overdrive it; but...don't let me coddle it either. Let me love my body enough to keep it agile and able and well, strong and clean.

Thank you that I live within this body.....the real, eternal, forever existing me. That it has been made to serve me so happily, so well, so long. And, until the day comes when I have no further need of it, let me appreciate it to the fullest and be grateful for it...MY BODY