Open your heart to Gratitude and Change

Opening up your heart to daily gratitude instead of saving it for special holidays can bring joy and happiness every day.  Gratitude is good for the soul.  I start my day by turning on my GPS daily.  When my alarm goes off I hit snooze, not just to sleep more but to start my day. I take the next 7 minutes to practice Gratitude, have Prayer, and Set my Intention for the day.

It is a fun morning ritual I give to myself.  It is amazing how just little things like this can make you feel good, start your day on the right foot and live your best life.  Maybe, just maybe you should try it for a week and see how you feel!  If you really want to live your best life more than likely you will have to change what you are doing.  

Oops, there is that word, CHANGE!   I am not talking loose change either.  Does change scare you?   You mean, let go of my daily habits that keep me stuck in a rut and comfortable?  Yes, those habits that keep you from being your best self and living the life you deserve!

Change can cause anxiety, stress, fear or you can be an agent of change and create freedom for yourself. Freedom from stress, fear and anxiety.  Its your choice. I choose change.  That doesn't mean I don't resist it at times.  But being uncomfortable, being scared to change can keep you stuck or it can be the best decision you can make.  Change is a process to overcome and  grow into your best self.  So I decided to change.  I decided to work on myself. That journey of a lifetime began when I decided to change for the better.  I decided to take care of my health.  I made a promise to never be unhealthy, overweight and out of shape again.  I choose gratitude and change every day.  How about you?