You are Made for More

You were made to be more today by being more kind to yourself, giving yourself water first and veggies most! How do we continue to be made for more? It starts with believing you are capable of great things. It starts with not worrying about what others think. Our potential is our gift from God. What we do with our potential is the gift we give back to the world and God. The worse thing is to let your potential die inside of you. Living your best life isn’t determined by the numbers on some scale. Weight loss isn't a temporary thing, it is a lifestyle change. Its a long term plan to understand food, your body and your relationship with that. You were made to be more today than yesterday. You were made to be more by changing the way you think about yourself and the way you practice self care. That includes the way you fuel you body, move your body and take care of your mindset. You were made for more by giving your body more rest, slow down from mindless eating and multi-tasking. You were made for more everyday. Today think about the past month and the things you have changed, worked on, moved forward on. Focus on just a single step in the direction of your more. Reach for the version of more that will change your life, your family and your community. Encourage others to do the same.

If you ever wanted a healthy community of support, accountability and inspiration then I have the place for you❤️ when we reach down and lift others up and invite them to join us on an amazing journey that is where growth happens. I invite you to be a part of Team Live Fit and start living your best life today! You get to choose you, your health, your self care and wellbeing on Team Live Fit. Start with being a coach of self. This is where you can rock your nutrition and fitness, and surround yourself with positive like minded people. Have unlimited access to online coaching groups for accountability and support. Find joy and purpose in daily life by being the best version of you. Enjoy learning new things to help you pursue a healthy lifestyle. Hang out with amazing women that lift you up. You have opportunity to travel, attend workshops, leadership events and retreats. You can meet up virtually in our virtual wellness studio, workout, hang out, enjoy a book club and share best practices with each other.

You were Made for More every day. Love yourself enough to take care of you and live the life you deserve! I can’t wait to have you join us on Team Live Fit!

"Love Yourself because you're braver than you think, smarter than you know, twice as beautiful as you've ever imagined and getting stronger every day"