Move it or Lose it



Join me weekly for what your body really needs-movement!  Get Fit with me in my group exercise classes, online challenge groups, personal training or group training.  I have the right program for your body and mind, the right solution to your fitness needs. It's about time you got Serious about your fitness. Whether you need pilates, yoga, cardio or strength I have a class or program that meets your needs. Check out my weekly schedule and join me live for some fitness fun.

Tuesdays-8:30am Pilates ; 9:30am BodyBlast(cardio/strength training) (WKP)

Thursdays- 9:30am (WKP) BodyBlast-Cardio/Strength Interval Training

Saturdays-8:30am Spin (WKP)

*WKP- Willis Knighton Pierremont Fitness Center



Stay tuned for my Women's Fitness and Nutrition Seminars.  Learn how to maximize your success, cultivate new habits that will allow you to make sustainable changes and improve your health and nourish your spirit.  Get the secret sauce to living your best life!