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My Challenge Groups provide the support, motivation, education and accountability you need to be successful in taking charge of your health!

I offer different groups to meet your continuous needs of total well-being.  The 21 Day Fix is an awesome plan to learn how to get fit, improve your nutrition and feel great.   Love Your Body Challenge focuses on self-care, fitness, nutrition and living the best version of you! Maybe you need to fine tune your fitness with my Tank Top Arms or Butts and Guts.  Whatever your need there is a group to help you grow into your potential, improve your health and live your best life.  You are capable of amazing things and I am ready to help you get there!  Be Inspired, Live Fit, Live Free of self-limiting beliefs and Live Transformed!


The 21-Day Fix Challenge is the perfect plan to help you learn how to eat healthy, learn portion control, meal planning,  get fit and feel confident in your own skin.   In this challenge you will enjoy a daily dose of exercise, nutrition and personal development that will help you put an end to yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits. 

Utilize our healthy meal plan guide along with a unique portion control system and Shakeology to fuel your body for life. 

The 21 Day Fix includes 30 minute workouts designed to help you get fit and lean. 
I also provide daily coaching and accountability in my private challenge groups. 

The 21 Day Fix provides the tools for you to break free from unhealthy habits, lose weight and get back into the healthy zone! 


Sarah found great results with the 21 Day Fix! After gaining weight during pregnancy the 21 Day Fix helped Sarah get back on track with her fitness and nutrition. 

Sarah found great results with the 21 Day Fix! After gaining weight during pregnancy the 21 Day Fix helped Sarah get back on track with her fitness and nutrition. 

LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE is designed to help you focus on self-care! Putting your health first is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Accepting yourself where you are right now is the first step in making positive changes. Loving yourself allows you to work on yourself, practice self-care and be inspired to get healthy and fit! With daily personal development strategies, a positive mindset, awesome workouts that get results, and a simple  and effective nutrition plan what's not to love!  Fill out the form below and let's take the challenge together and become the best version of ourself! 

Tank Top Arms and Butts and Guts along with many other challenges are offered regularly to provide variety in your exercise programming, challenge to your body and nutrition needs. New recipes are released on a regular basis along with top fitness and nutrition tips to be your best. Get excited about your health and where you are going!  This can be your healthiest year ever!

5-DAY Reboot Your Mindset

A healthy body starts with a healthy mindset.  Reprogram your mind for Positive Thinking. I can help you lose the negative self-talk, set a positive intention for your day and be amazing at YOU!


"To change your body, you must first change your mind"

One of the happiest moments is when I discovered the courage of letting go of what I can't change and embracing the things I can!  Learn how to reprogram your mind for Positive Thinking!  If you keep obsessing about negative things your mind will be conditioned to bring it up more and more often without your control.  Focus on the positive.  This will give you personal power and be your strongest asset throughout the day.   In my 5 Day Reboot Your Mindset, you will gain confidence, skills, and a new perspective for daily living.  Activate your GPS (Gratitude, Prayer, Set Intention) and live your best life! 

Fill out the form below and let's chat and see if this is the right fit for you! I will add you to my health and fitness newsletter that comes out monthly. I can't wait to help you get started on your new healthy lifestyle!

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